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2020年05月29日 16:29:43520

《方舟:生存进化》的单人模式秘籍有很多,SetCheatPlayer True Enables Cheat Menu 开启作弊选单,SetCheatPlayer False Disables Cheat Menu关闭作弊选单,Fly Able to Fly 飞行模式等等。



SetCheatPlayer True Enables Cheat Menu 开启作弊选单

SetCheatPlayer False Disables Cheat Menu关闭作弊选单

God Unkillable,except you can drown.无敌

Fly Able to Fly 飞行模式

Walk Deactivates Flying 取消飞行模式

Teleport Teleports you in the direction you are facing.传送至你当前看的点

Slomo Changes server speed.Values are 1-5.1=Normal Speed 设定时间速度,1=正常速度

PlayersOnly Freezes all Dinos at their current position.Also freezes crafting.冻结所有恐龙行动,制作中的工作也会受影响

Ghost Noclip,walk through walls/objects.穿墙模式

Force Tame Instantly tames a Dino.Can ride without saddle.强制驯化恐龙(看著要的恐龙打这指令)

AdDexperience 1000 001 Gives yourself 1000XP给自己经验值1000可改其它值)

-AddExperience(value for first number)(toggle option in relation to tribe)(Second toggle)(third toggle)so in total there should be 4 separate numbers.

GiveResources Gives you 50 of all resources 给各种资源物件50份

InfiniteStats Infinite Hunger,Stamina,Ammo,et..状态/子弹不减(饥饿、耐力、免装弹..…等)

Damage Target Damages a creature you are looking at for a set amount 伤害当前所看的目标

DestroyAllEnemies Destroys all enemies.They respawn after a while.杀死所有的恐龙,过一会会重生出来

GiveEngrams unlocks all crafting recipes for your character-*Bugged-You can't craft these recipes 开启所有蓝图(目前此功能有问题)

HurtMe Deals damage to yourself 伤害自己(自杀)例 hurtme 1000

ToggleGun Toggles visibility of current equipped item当前装备物品隐形开/关

SetTimeOfDay Changes time of day 设定时间(后面要加时间如settimeofday 04:00)

SetPlayerPos 0 0 0 Allows you to teleport to coordinates.传送到座标(如 setplayerpos 12,12,132)

SaveWorld Saves current worldstate 手动储存

Quit Exits the current world.Use after saving for a saFe shutdown.离开游戏

ExecSetSleeping True/False Puts character to sleep/wakes them up 设定玩家为睡眠(true)/醒来(false)

EnemyInvisible True/False Makes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them玩家隐身,恐龙就算被打也看不到

DestroyAll Destroys all Objects/Di

DestroyAll Destroys all Objects/Dinos of a classname 删除所有物件及恐龙

Summon Summons a dino at your location.召唤一只恐龙到当前位置

GiveltemNum Gives you an item.给指定的物品请参照下面的物品ID>>例1:givei temnum 10511false给储存箱1个